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Design Tool

By Mats van Braam

In addition to the database, a design tool has been developed as a graduation project. The goal of this tool is to use the information from the database in a more tangible manner. The tool translates the information into a structured method of designing a new robot face. The goal of this tool is to help designers make better robot faces. This is done by informing the user, showing examples and providing a structured way of designing. 

The tool consists of two main parts, the feature & framework cards and the design board. The cards have all sorts of physical attributes on them. These elements can be combined to form a new face. The design board helps provide structure and information for the user.

Below several pictures of the tool can be found.

The tool contains 6 framework and 25 feature cards. These cards have information and examples about each specific feature on them. Next to this, an illustration is added that can be placed on the larger framework cards. This way you can build your own new robot face. 

Below you can find the option to download the files in PDF format to allow easy printing. The design board is transformed into an easy printable file.

Download here

These filed are published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
CC BY-NC-SA license

Extra information

If you want more information about facial robot design check this file:

Research Facial Robot Design

And if you want more information about the project, check this report or please contact Mats van Braam (